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The Society of St. Anna the Prophet
1655 Rainier Falls Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is SSAP?

The SSAP is a dispersed community of Episcopal women over 50 years old who are living the Christian life within vows of simplicity, creativity, and balance. We are lay and ordained. We are single, married, partnered, and widowed. Some are retired; some work part-time; some are working in full-time positions.

Who was Anna?

Anna is the only woman of old age named in the New Testament. According to the Gospel of Luke, the parents of Jesus went up to Jerusalem after the birth of Jesus to present him in the Temple and to offer the appropriate sacrifice. They were greeted by two elders, Simeon and Anna, who recognized the infant Jesus as the promised messiah. Sisters in the SSAP are called Annas. The name Anna is linked with each member’s personal name at the time of her regular vows.

How is SSAP Related to the Episcopal Church?

The SSAP was recognized and accepted in 2009 as a Christian Community under the canons of the Episcopal Church by the Standing Commission on Religious Orders and Communities of the House of Bishops.

The SSAP is a member of the National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities or NAECC (

We are also recognized by, and included in, the 2016 International Book of Anglican Religious Communities.

What is the mission of the SSAP?

At the founding of the SSAP in 2005, the following mission statement was created: The Society of St. Anna the Prophet is an Episcopal society of mature women living within vows of simplicity, creativity, and balance called to be prophets of Christ perceiving and proclaiming to the church and to the world God’s transforming presence and power in the lives of old and young.

The motto of the Society is: percipere et proclamare, “to perceive and to proclaim.”